A Catholic Mother’s Story of Faith

Amazing Stories of Faith: My Mother’s Greatest Legacy to Our Family

If there is anyone whom I can call a woman of true faith, it will be my mother, Florence. For her, it was the most important thing in the world. It was above the need for breathing, eating, sleeping, working, and loving. When I was a kid, . . .

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new life

Cheer Up! Live a New Life Every Day

How to be positive and greet each day as a beginning of a new life

Florence and a little bird taught me to cheer up and live a new life every day. I can vividly recall how a little robin and Florence, my mother, taught a life lesson that changed my view­. One cold night, I . . .

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miracle baby

Florence Was Born Late to an Older Couple

A miracle baby’s journey from blindness to seeing

Many people believe in miracles. My mother lived one. She was a miracle baby.

As residents of Centennial, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, her parents were both widowed when they met. Praying for a miracle baby, her mother was . . .

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journey of life

The Miracle of Centennial’s Journey of Life

Revealing a new journey of life that spiritually inspires the hearts of many

In life, we may come across a lot of challenges and crossroads. It is a journey that we need to take and a journey we need to endure. The journey of life may be easy and it may be hard, but we need . . .

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Neil J. McKinnon is a barber by profession. He has been thriving in his career for more than forty years. He is the second child, out of six, of Florence Jane and Ne. . .Read More

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